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About me

I am a 16 y.o. developer from Italy. I mostly code as a hobby in java, but I have written in some other languages before settling on java. I mainly work on Minecraft-related projects (plugins, mods, bots...).



I started learning my first language, lua, at the start of 2020 using Roblox as a platform. I didn't get far into anything and I stopped using it soon after. While I barely remember anything about the language itself, it made me realise that programming is my passion and that I could learn a language if I was patient to put some time into it.


I started learning python during late 2021 using this course on youtube. It was the first time I actually sat down and decided I'd learn the language and I think I did a decent job with it.

As of now I've forgotten a lot of python itself, but it introduced me to a lot of programming concepts which eased the learning process of other languages and it forced me to use good indentation.


I started learning java at the start of 2022 using a playlist made by Bro code. This was very useful in learning the language and I still recommend it to anyone trying to learn java.

The main reason why I still use java as much as I do is the fact that to make anything related to Minecraft you just have to use java, though I'd like to explore rust implementations of bots and maybe server software in the future.


I'm currently learning c/c++ in school and started in September of 2022. We haven't gotten very far yet, only having covered some language featues and programming concepts.


I started learning rust from the rust book in late 2023 and have only gotten through the first few chapters so far.


I have a hate/hate repationship with javascript. I take pride in the fact that none of the main pages of this site use javascript.